Webcam face to face with girls

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Tip One: Improve Your Keylight All photographers should be familiar with the term "keylight".

If this term is new to you it simply refers to the main light lighting your subject which in this case is you.

Keylights are typically the brightest light on your subject and normally come somewhere from the position of the camera.

Your keylight is going to affect the overall mood of your face more than any other light you place in your scene so experiment and make sure you are happy with the shadows it either casts or the shadowless beauty light it creates.

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You can also set up time-lapse recording, and You Cam will take a snapshot at the time interval set by you. Face Login will remember your passwords, and log you into Windows when you present your face in front of the webcam.

Rotate and crop webcam photos to extract the best parts for sharing.

When you are editing your webcam pictures, You Cam’s facial recognition technology and suite of beautifying tools allow you to touch up your facial features, removing imperfections and making subtle enhancements.

You are going to want a constant light source that has the same exposure and White Balance during the entire chat session.

For this particular session, I decided to go with a keylight setup Peter Hurley used during his Illuminating the Face tutorial.

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