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To want to find a partner after 50 is extremely common.

It’s a growing phenomenon and shows no sign of losing popularity with any age bracket any time soon.

Your weight, looks and success does not influence your dating life.

The drawback with online dating is that you will likely have to go through some duds before you have any success.

It is very easy for you to sign up and publish your profile, but it’s also easy for spammers and for people to pose as something that they are not.

There is little point in posting an older but flattering photo and then wonder why your date is confused when you meet. It is human nature to want to look our best but please look your ‘current’ best.

Ask someone to take some shots for you and keep going till you get a good photo. I am a point and click photographer and found these two tips to be simple enough that I could a) remember them and b) they work Plus I always feel awkward when having my photo taken.

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