New to internet dating

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In their attempt to put their best foot forward, daters admit to exaggeration or embellishment on their dating profiles.

27% of daters in New Zealand and 33% in Australia are likely to lie about their income.

23 % men in Australia and 24% in New Zealand said they had encountered people on dating sites with highly misrepresentative profiles.

In New Zealand, men were more likely to complain of meeting people who asked them for money (25%).

Around one quarter of male online daters in both Australia and New Zealand say they have sent sexually explicit/nude images of themselves of stranger on online dating sites.

He said However, male online daters had also encountered problems.

The typical margin of statistical error is /- 4.4% in the sample of 494 daters.

The survey aimed to understand online dating risks and experiences of Australians. Mac, i Phone and i Pad are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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This number indicates that as with regular dating, online dating has its risks too.

Even physical attributes like their weight was misrepresented.

She said A bad experience in dating is very dismaying.

Nearly 70% of daters in New Zealand have had some kind of a negative experience while dating online.

43 % of the women are most likely to complain of receiving unpleasant or creepy emails.

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