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Allen has since become an activist for the LGBT community in addition to his continuing acting and producing career.On January 17, 2006, Allen appeared on CNN`s Larry King Live with San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom to represent the gay viewpoint in a debate over same-sex marriage.Notably, the series` final episode "The Last One" ends with the indication that all of its storylines occurred within Westphall`s imagination.Allen`s first regular role was as David Witherspoon on the 1986 series Our House, which co-starred a pre-Beverly Hills, 90210 Shannen Doherty, Wilford Brimley and Days of our Lives` Emmy-nominated Deidre Hall.That series ended in 1988, and Allen`s next contract role was Matthew Cooper in Dr. Outing and activism In 1996, at age 21, Allen was outed as gay when the US tabloid The Globe published photos of him kissing another man in a hot tub at a party.Quinn, Medicine Woman alongside Jane Seymour in 1993. Quinn ended in 1998, and Allen did not return for its two sequel television movies, Dr. The photos had been sold to the paper by Allen`s then-boyfriend.Developed and produced by Allen himself, the film was directed by Robert Clary and written by Light`s husband Robert Desiderio, based on a screenplay by Craig Chester.Save Me, a film exploring the ex-gay movement, premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and was later picked up for distribution by independent studio Fine Line Features.

In 2007 Allen starred in the film Save Me opposite Daytime Emmy-winner Judith Light and Robert Gant.

Gill and Barrowman, who have homes in London and Wales, have been a couple for fifteen years after having first met in 1993 when Barrowman performed in In typical fashion, Barrowman says Gill has “a body like an Armani model" and, well, an impressive donkey-like attribute.

The two were joined in a civil partnership in December of 2006 and gay fans were delighted during London Pride in 2007 when Barrowman pulled Gill on to the stage for a kiss.

He and Allen have been a couple for three years and Allen speaks glowingly of their relationship, but the two currently have no plans to get married.

star John Barrowman and Gill, his 46 year-old partner; Barrowman is famously outspoken and cheeky, but Gill, a British architect, is considerably more shy.

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