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She doesn’t regret her mistakes because she’s learned so much from them.But she’s only now starting to do work that she loves and feeling really proud.The actress wears ripped-up, rolled-up vintage Levi’s, high-top white Converse sneakers and a white Brandy Melville tank with a black bodice underneath, with a plaid shirt draped over her chair.“I’m a ’90s baby, I like grunge,” she says as she pulls at her ponytail to tighten it.Though Francesca won’t say what kind of relationship the two had before, or after, the marriage, her former stepmother, Dina Eastwood, offered an explanation on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show: “[Francesca’s] a lovely, smart, amazing person who will do a goof-off at a whim.She calls me and says, ‘I didn’t think anyone would find out.’ ” But the press Francesca got for that marriage — which reportedly lasted a week before it was annulled — she could do without. I’ve got a lot of proving myself to do as an actress. I want to really be good.” She’d also love to do some theater in New York and spend time living here; for now, she just visits once in a while.

A former colleague of 35-year-old Miss Ruiz said news of the marital problems was 'all over the place', adding: 'Clint and Diana spend a lot of time together and share a love of jazz.

'The relationship has really intensified lately.' Unconfirmed reports claimed that Miss Ruiz had already moved out of the couple's home.

Eastwood's publicist denied the reports, saying the couple were 'definitely together and will be for years to come'.

I don’t like to wear heels unless I have to.” Today, Francesca is carrying a black Chanel bag that looks as purposefully beaten up as her Levi’s, like it’s been dragged across a sidewalk. The intention was to be thought-provoking, and it was thought-provoking.

But I guess,” she laughs, “it was also hate-provoking.” Indeed, Twitter had a field day. “If I read the headline ‘Francesca Eastwood burns 0,000’ I would be like, ‘What a lame person.’ ” The whole endeavor appeared on an episode of the 2012 E! Eastwood & Company,” which starred Francesca, her half sister Morgan and Morgan’s mom (now divorced from Clint), Dina.

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