Blogroll feeds not updating

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Advanced XML features let you also easily integrate with web services and other XML data sources.And you're not restricted to processing just RSS/Atom data, Awasu can get at information embedded in your feeds. Did you know you can easily and automatically post updates from your blog to Twitter?You can with Twitterfeed, a free service that takes any feed or feeds you specify, and publishes them to your Twitter account, as if you were posting the updates yourself.Feed Reading Blogroll – This plugin uses Googles index of feeds to grab the latest post date and title and display it on your blogroll.There are several configuration options and it can organize the presentation of the blogroll links in order of the freshness of the latest post. The first value passed is the metabox ID, so you could also remove other metaboxes that are added by plugins.

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So our “Five” for this post is blogroll related plugins for your website.

You can monitor the information, analyze it and then respond to it.

No longer are you restricted to using a passive tool like a web browser.

So, for them I’ve created a new Twitter account, just for the updates to my blog.

Each blog page includes a fully customizable sidebar which is populated with a few default elements that you can edit or remove and replace. You can add more content by dragging elements to the sidebar.

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